Out of the box grant call 2018

CVON consortia contain an allocated budget for the (Young) Talent Program. CVON RECONNECT has decided to make this budget available for CVON RECONNECT Acceleration and Career Development grants:

  1. RECONNECT Exchange Program Fellowship with the purpose of sending out or bringing in top talent scientists (Duration: 3-12 months; Budget: 10-40 K€ per fellowship, start of fellowship before February 1st 2019).
  2. RECONNECT (Proof-of-Concept) Award for the purpose of enhancing groundbreaking research in the field of heart failure and/or the renal-cardiac interaction (PhDs/Post-Docs; Duration: 6-12 months; Budget: 25-50 K€ per project; start of project before February 1st 2019)

Deadline for proposals: October 19th, 2018


  • The CVON RECONNECT call is open for applications from talented researchers
  • The proposal should be novel (not part of already funded work) and advance the RECONNECT program.
  • The focus should be on adding knowledge and techniques to the consortium.
  • The proposal should have the potential of generating future funding, for example by generating pilot data, by initiating or strengthening collaborations or by strengthening your CV.
  • You have the support of one of the PI’s from RECONNECT. Please contact nicoline.smit@heart-institute.nl for a complete list of names.